Module One: Inner Alchemy- Your Elemental Body

All Dedicated Students of Yoga Welcome

June 16- June 29 2019 (100 Hours) 

Module Two: The Alchemy of Teaching Yoga

June 30- July 13 2019 (100 Hours) 


Module Two Content

In addition to deepening our understanding and experience of the content in Module One: 

Daily teaching practice & constructive feedback  

How to create sacred, transformative space using the five elements

Eastern & Western Anatomy of the human body 

Safe hands on adjustments & assists that empower; practice giving & receiving adjustments  

The art of healthy, clear communication, reading body language & creating inclusive learning environments 

How to work with beginners, injuries, pregnancy and more 

Sequencing anatomically based, progress-oriented classes 

Honoring, nurturing, protecting & cultivating your inner teacher 

Creating class themes that connect your human experience to spiritual wisdom 

Final practicum includes teaching a full class and outlining a workshop unique to your own life experience, offering & practice


Module One Content

Daily sadhana (sacred practice) including asana, meditation, mantra & pranayama 

Panchabhuta: how to use the elements of earth, air, fire, water & space to balance your emotional, physical and energetic body  

Anatomical foundations of Alignment in Asana 

How to incorporate Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, into your lifestyle  

Intro to subtle anatomy: chakras, nadis, and koshas 

Philosophy of yoga & other mystical traditions 

Myths of Indian Gods & Goddesses and connections to Afro Caribbean Patakis

Using props to support & deepen your practice  

Restorative Yoga & Partner Yoga

The global history of yoga and the potential of yoga as social justice 

The art & science of mudra, mantra, bandha & chanting


Why Cuba? 

Of all the places on the globe to study inner alchemy, the culture, beaches and waterfalls of Trinidad de Cuba, may be the best. Cuban culture embodies a deep resilience, a unique path to affirming humanity and remaining open-hearted in the face of change by transforming challenge into laughter like lead into gold. There is so much to learn on and off the mat. 

Understanding how to balance the elements of our physical and emotional bodies is the foundation of inner alchemy. We look to the balance of nature as a teacher. Trinidad offers a direct experience of the nourishing qualities of earth, air fire, water and space. Let yourself be held and inspired by the grounding island warmth of the sand under foot, the rhythmic flow of the shimmering clear ocean complementing the fiery hips and drums of a spicy dance culture, the expansive, dream-like sky luminously crowning green windswept jungles. Hike to waterfalls to practice meditation, dance to salsa as a means of exploring healthy anatomical movement in your hips and explore the meaning not only of Indian philosophy and mythology but of Cuban myth, culture, social justice movements and spiritual practices.  

A portion of your tuition is dedicated to the Las Aguas Fund, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of local cultural and wellness practices for current and future generations in Cuba.  

Inspiration from Cuba & Alchemy Yoga Retreats


Course Investment

  • Module One Only (100 Hours): $1800 before 12/31/18; $2000 after 

  • Full program (200 Hours): $3500 before 12/31/18; $3800 after 

  • Inquire about payment plans, partial diversity scholarship & social media/marketing scholarships


Requirements to Apply:  

  • An open mind & 100% commitment to personal growth

  • One year minimum yoga practice 

  • A regular home asana or meditation practice (if you don’t have one, start one now)                                  


Your Instructors

Receive the highest quality of soulful, creative, hands-on instruction from Shoshanna Marks, ERYT500, YACPT & Hayley Ebersole, ERYT200 & CMT. Learn more about the unique gifts & skills they are offering on the Alchemy Yoga School Page. We are honored to have José Rubio, one of Cuba's foremost yoga teachers, as guest faculty. His teaching is full of precision and poetry and grounded in almost two decades of teaching and training yoga teachers.


Accommodations and cultural visa is offered by Cuba Wellness Adventures. While snacks are included with the course and breakfast is included with lodging, additional meals and snacks will be purchased independently in Trinidad. We provide ample guidance, support and cultural context for your stay so you feel comfortable and all your needs are met. 

Private Inn Pricing

We recommend private Inn's (casa particulares) in Trinidad de Cuba, which are a unique and beautiful way to explore this UNESCO World Heritage site city's renowned architecture.

Module One Only:

Double occupancy $1069

Single occupancy $1669

Full Program:

Double occupancy $1869

Single occupancy $2969

Hotel Pricing

*Single Occupancy available upon request

Module One Only:

Double occupancy $1769

Full Program:

Double occupancy $3069

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Become an International Ambassador of Peace

Borders are tools of separation. Like our individual ego identities, they may serve a specific purpose. As we begin to access more and more freedom and power through regular practice, we come to understand ourselves in a larger context, as intimately interconnected with other people, not just people who look or talk like us, but all beings. Studying yoga in the hot seat of historical movements for global social and economic justice opens our eyes to questioning our role as international citizens spreading peace from the inside out by using our body as a laboratory to understand the universal human journey.

We’d love to connect with you by phone, in person or via email to answer your questions and provide you with more information. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.