Intention Becomes Lifestyle: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

When we commit to intention, our goal becomes integrated into our personal culture and lifestyle as we continually embody deeper layers of our fullest self in every moment.

Happy Full Moon, Passover, Good Friday and Lunar Eclipse! We’ve moved halfway in our monthly cycle through the zodiac sign of Aries. How is everyone doing on your intention this month? I invite you to post an update and offer others support and encouragement by commenting on goals that inspire you. (And if you haven't yet participated in the New Moon Community Intention Board to be inspired by other conscious East Bay peeps and win a free massage with me- feel free to create a full moon intention).

I’m pleased to announce that I have, so far, successfully held my intention of practicing self-bodywork for at least 10 minutes before bed 5 nights/week. For those who practice self-bodywork, you know that 10 minutes usually becomes thirty minutes and the quality of my sleep is vastly improved on the nights I do this practice.

An unexpected benefit of this intention: my partner and I have been sharing space together nurturing our bodies before bed, spending time simultaneously together and in our internal space, which has infused our relationship even more with body awareness, shared values and quiet time. This is what happens when we set intention: goals becomes integrated into our personal culture and lifestyle making it easier to embody our fullest selves in every moment without the impediment of limiting habits.

In addition to experiencing less pain and increased strength and flexibility the day following my self-bodywork routine, an another result of my commitment is I’m flexing my capacity for interoception, resulting in more positive thoughts and feelings about my body and a greater sense of connection to my body, which has been linked to greater capacity to experience compassion for both the self and others.

If you want to learn more about how to manage pain and increase your capacity for mindfulness with the help of foam rollers and tennis balls, I’ve got a workshop at Loka Yoga coming up on April 26 titled “Liberated Body” or you can check out my article on yoga as bodywork or  interoception as the future of asana.

Feeling challenged in following through with your intention? Try using the power of the full moon to let go of a habit holding you back from fulfilling your intention.


If you’re interested in deepening your intention, use the full moon as an opportunity to create intention around releasing a pattern that is not serving you or is impeding the integration of your monthly intention into your life. Feel free to add this as a comment to your intention. I’m releasing looking at my phone after 9pm 5 days/week so I can move more towards sun down being a time of turning inward to restore from my energy-packed days.

For more on the astrological environment supporting our intentions this month, I recommend KK Ledford’s April Astrological Review on Yoganonymous. The sun, moon and stars are creating an environment that strengthens the power of our inner thoughts and verbal intentions with the power to shift unconscious default habits, initiate sudden changes, magnetize to us what we really long for. In order to use this energy to our benefit, we’re advised “to take care of our bodies, listen more to the instincts embedded in our bones, practice taking comfort in not knowing, and take a bubble bath in the chaos.” Always beautiful advice.