Dissolve Physical Tension and Behavioral Patterns with Sound

Do you remember singing as a child? When and why did you stop? At what age did you develop shame around your voice?

Although it may seem esoteric for many in our culture, the use of sound in your body is a simple and easily accessible yet profound spiritual practice with the power to provide intense stress relief and clarity. The act of creating specific vibrations in the human body in the form of individual sounds and chains of sounds strung together is a highly effective means of approaching behavior patterns, physical pain and tension and conditions in your life that you’d like to change. In the world of yoga we chant and sing simple sounds called mantras as a means of “waking up” to our deepest selves in this moment.

Sound comes from a place beyond thought. It turns us inward towards the depths of ourselves. One of the most magical things about about singing or hearing beautiful sounds is there is nowhere to go, nothing to accomplish, there's nothing to add or subtract, it's simply your own natural vibration through your body. There is nothing “productive” about it except the experience of an altered state of being, a state of creativity and flow, a state of connection with yourself, the self beyond words and concepts, beyond the constructed story of 'who you are.' This means that joyful sound, whether it’s rocking out to Miley Cyrus or chanting to Shakti in a group of bhaktas, is a powerful way to subvert our paradigm of ‘productivity= value’.

Chris Tompkins, refers to mantra as “simple but powerful yogic science that dissolve stuck gunk that gets clogged in the subtle body.” I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to unclog my stuck gunk that manifests in the form of feelings of insecurity, depression, stress, anxiety, turbulent relationships or a sense of 'not enough' (money, time, love, success, chocolate and on and on).

In our culture, to relax is a radical act. To connect to your deepest self is a radical act. To create conscious sound with your body for the sake of feeling good and dissolving stuck patterns is a highly radical act.

Radicals have more fun.

Be a radical.

Join Us.

June 21st 12-2:30p Solstice Ritual: Sound Healing, restorative Yoga and Massage

The essence of sound is vibration. Vibration has the ability to literally shift the energetic frequency of the vehicle through which it is moving. Music has the ability to transport the mind (even if just for increments of seconds) beyond the ego, allowing us into the portal of the soul. The transformative power of this “essential” experience has a ripple effect through your entire being, creating an experience that may be described as joyful, healing, relaxing, love. When we chant in community the effects and benefits of this joy, peace and love are exponentially multiplied.
— Robin Taylor, Sound Healer, Musician and Performance Artist