Alchemize Worry into Vision: Prayer For Standing Rock

Every thought is either a worry or a prayer. In addition to donations, don't forget to offer your greatest resource to Standing Rock: intention.

Every time I feel stress, overwhelm, fear or powerlessness that I can't physically be supporting our brothers and sisters and the healing waters at Standing Rock, I've been offering this simple prayer:

Great Spirit, that which doesn't change with the seasons, the tides, with age or circumstance,
Please protect our brothers and sisters at Standing Rock
Please protect the Healing Waters from the Black Snake
Please help me to understand and experience myself as an embodiment of earth
Please protect the rivers of my blood, the fire of my power, the winds of my breath, and the clay of my my body from the stress, tension, worry and fear that sap my life force
May my life be a beautiful offering of love to the Earth and all of her beings

I'm pretty new to prayer in this style and had to overcome some resistance from my traumatized, Christian inner child in order to take it on as a practice. If you haven't yet experimented with transforming worry into vision or alchemizing fear into desire, there is absolutely no better time than this historical moment.

Want a more simple way to pray? Whenever a stress thought arises, replace it with an intention. For example, "I am calm" or "All beings will have clean water."

I dreamt of the Black Snake last night. The Sioux Legend goes that a great black snake (the Oil Company) will threaten their waters but, through the dawning of a New Age, will finally be defeated.  In dream land,  a large black Boa grabbed onto my leg while I was running. It was so heavy and I was so terrified but I just kept running. Finally, I knew I had to face my fear, I ripped it off and threw it. I ran free.

I invite you to join me in offering this simple prayer today, infusing it with the authentic intention of hope.

Thank you to Day of for this beautiful creation on the Earth of found materials.

Thank you to Day of for this beautiful creation on the Earth of found materials.