A lifetime of fascination with the healing power of embodiment is the foundation from which Hayley offers her unique massage modality: Therapeutic Deep Tissue Thai. Her broad understanding of eastern, western and esoteric anatomy provides a complex lens through which to explore the human body and spirit through touch and corrective movement.

By creatively and intuitively blending shiatsu and swedish techniques with clinical deep tissue and thai massage, Deep Tissue Thai reduces stress, alleviates chronic pain, weakness or injury and inspires harmonious postural and behavioral patterns. Reflecting the belief that the role of any health practitioner is to remove blocks to the body’s organic process of self-healing, Hayley's work is a synthesis of hundreds of hours of training from Spiritwinds School of Thai Massage in the ancient Eastern intricacies of physical, energetic and emotional vitality, from Touch For Health International in the integration of neurological techniques of pain management, from Nutritious Movement in corrective postural exercise and from MacKinnon Body Therapy Center in Western technologies of  touch invoking strength, flexibility, spaciousness and ease.  

While studying and applying the most contemporary research on human behavior change at California Institute of Integral Studies, she received an internationally recognized certificate in Holistic Wellness Coaching, which allows her to subtly inspire shifts in behavioral alignment and posture with great impact on emotional state. In addition to being potent and direct somatic therapy for depression, anxiety and other challenging emotions, a session with Hayley is a direct experience of your natural state as balanced, energetic, empowered and pain-free.

Resulting from her thirteen-year devotion to the study, practice and teaching of yoga, breathwork and meditation, sessions may be participatory, selectively using the breath, intention and visualization as resources for conscious and subconscious release.

Hayley’s clients thrive with a regular commitment to transformative bodywork as an ongoing practice of preventative medicine, self-knowledge, growth and pleasure.

Please inquire about grass roots rates for public school teachers, healers and those in special circumstances.