After ten years on all sides of the Wellness industry, I'm still looking for challenges...

Business-savvy manager and wellness industry expert meets health guru, seeking to share stillness in the midst of challenge. Knowledgeable about and fascinated with a plethora of puzzles, including:

* Bringing people together to learn about and celebrate their bodies
* Holistic wellness and fitness
* Wellness education, coaching and consulting
* Wellness promotion and marketing
* ROI optimization
* Increasing access to holistic living and treatment for all people
* Creating space for employees, communities, businesses and human beings to experience optimal well-being while honoring the whole:

The Whole Person, The Whole Community, The Holistic Business

I'm particularly excited about short term projects involving creating and optimizing group fitness programs and integrative wellness centers and generating and implementing alternative business models around communities coming together to share healing services, particularly yoga.

Please see the link to my Linkedin profile below for more information about my educational background and industry experience.