My greatest teacher has been and continues to be my body, my breath, and the bodies of my clients. We have much to learn from the body's resistance, its pain and tension, as well as its incredible resilience, strength, and openness. Your body tells the whole story.



Half intuitive healer, half scientist, Hayley offers a path to strength, self-confidence and awe for the miraculous mechanics of the human body by creating a motivating environment to explore our body-minds from the inside out.

She encourages her students and clients to be somanauts on and off the mat, intricately exploring where their bodies and minds are balanced and fluid as well as where they get tight and stuck. The innate wisdom of the body can be accessed through a conscious examination of our habitual tendencies, both postural and psychological. The process of healing our posture with conscious movement creates an intimacy with our inner body translates as greater inner peace, more easeful relationships and fluidity and joy of movement at work and at play.

As a celebrated massage therapist specializing in chronic pain, she's able to translate the intricacies of healthy movement and how to correct imbalances through restorative alignment with an attitude of compassion, curiosity and playfulness. In addition to being inspired by the latest myofascial and neuroscience, her teaching & bodywork is infused with the wisdom traditions of Tantric Buddhism, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, guided visualization and somatic psychology.

As the founder of Alchemy Yoga School, Hayley offers unique personalized private and small group yoga teacher trainings for the next generation of Sadhikas, those called to the work of inner growth as service to global transformation.

She envisions her role as both a teacher & a bodyworker as empowering students and clients to heal their body-mind from the inside out. Greater freedom in the body-mind means greater meaning and happiness in all areas of our life.

There is no end to this journey, no destination, just ongoing fearless (and very often pleasurable) exploration.

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