Public Class Schedule


9:15am Power Flow @ Left Coast Yoga (Grand Ave)

10:30am Level 2-3 Power Flow @ Left Coast Yoga (Grand Ave)

5:15pm Therapeutic Body Rolling @ Remedy


9:30-10:45a Deep Flow @ Flying Studios


6:30pm Power Flow @ Left Coast Yoga (Uptown)

Hayley has an earnest ability to make any student of any level feel welcome. During my very first yoga class, which Hayley taught, I felt inspired and connected for the first time. Hayley showed me how to heal and how to bend the mind with yoga. Since her class six years ago, I have become a devoted student and even studied Yoga in India where I learned to teach others as well. I’ll never forget where my yoga journey began from the healing force and guidance through Hayley’s ability to make me feel connected with myself.
— - Lauren Matsch, Austin, TX
Even if I come into Hayley’s class feeling stiff and tired, I leave feeling strong, open and motivated to stay on my wellness path. Because she expresses alignment so clearly, I’ve done things with my body that I never imagined I could do! Yet, she’s always encouraging us to find the balance between overdoing and underdoing so I feel safe and supported. She invites us to examine our lives in a way that feels light and encouraging yet I’ve, found that , over time, the philosophy of self empowerment that she exudes has infiltrated my thought processes, making me a much more compassionate and effective person.
— Cathy Millan, Berkeley, CA