Hayley is a master of her craft and after practicing with her one on one, in group classes, workshops/immersions and monthly bodywork, I no longer have chronic pain, I’ve faced lifelong fears, healed old wounds, and feel more at ease in my body than I ever have. Her undeniable passion can be seen and felt with how diligently she prepares for each class or session, like a mother caring for her child. She weaves chanting, pranayama and her own relatable anecdotes that keep you fascinated and her easily digestible cueing alignments get you into poses with grace and ease. She has intuitively guided me back to my own center of power, opening my eyes to the gift that is inherently within me. I know now that we alone have the ability to heal ourselves from the inside out if we truly tune into what our mind, body and soul has been yearning for all along: love, non-judgment and acceptance of ourselves as we are.
— Nicole, 44, California

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How can I feel better in my body-mind?

I’m presently accepting new private and corporate clients interested in self transformation, rehabilitation, improving balance, strength, ease & flexibility in both the body & the mind, both on and off the mat. Reach out to learn more.

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Hayley has an earnest ability to make any student of any level feel welcome. During my very first yoga class, which Hayley taught, I felt inspired and connected for the first time. Hayley showed me how to heal and how to bend the mind with yoga. Since her class six years ago, I have become a devoted student and even studied Yoga in India where I learned to teach others as well. I’ll never forget where my yoga journey began from the healing force and guidance through Hayley’s ability to make me feel connected with myself.
— - Lauren Matsch, 31, Texas
Even if I come into Hayley’s class feeling stiff and tired, I leave feeling strong, open and motivated to stay on my wellness path. Because she expresses alignment so clearly, I’ve done things with my body that I never imagined I could do! Yet, she’s always encouraging us to find the balance between overdoing and underdoing so I feel safe and supported. She invites us to examine our lives in a way that feels light and encouraging yet I’ve, found that , over time, the philosophy of self empowerment that she exudes has infiltrated my thought processes, making me a much more compassionate and effective person.
— Cathy Millan, 72, California